Securities Finance

The BCS Global Markets’ Securities Finance team offers clients unique and innovative financing solutions for a wide array of collateral types to fit their needs within Equities, Fixed Income and ETFs. Our clients include internationally based Asset Managers, Hedge Funds, Family Offices and Investment Banks.



Short Coverage, Open and Term financing, Corporate Action optimisation and regulatory funding solutions

BCS Global Markets provides optimisation and value extraction embedded within the European Equites space, both Long and Short. By viewing Corporate Actions as an opportunity, BCS Global Markets can provide holistic pricing for European assets
As an active participant in Russia within Equity Finance, BCS offers unparalleled access to mid-tier and small cap names to lend in addition to large cap
  • US
With local presence in the US (BCS Americas, Inc.), we are able to offer competitive access to US assets, which include the specials market


  • With a growing presence in Emerging Markets, BCS Global Markets also offers access to South Africa, Poland and Turkey, including Stock Lending and Synthetic Financing opportunities


As an active participate in the REPO space, BCS offers open and term financing for:

  • Russian Eurobonds and Local Bonds

  • Russian Subordinated Bonds

  • Developed (E.g. US Treasuries) and Emerging Markets products (Dependant on Ratings and Currencies)


  • Clients are able to trade Russia focused ETFs with our specialist traders, with new markets being supported soon

  • Commodity ETF trading


  • BCS Global Markets is one of the most active members of the local Russian REPO market

  • Over $4 Billion* of clients’ assets in custody provides stable borrow

  • Our deep and broad inventory allows us to offer aggressively priced stock loan supply
*As of 30/06/2019

BCS Global Markets Securities Finance wins ISF International Award 2019!

The BCS Global Markets Securities Finance team have won the ISF International Award for the Borrowers Category: Tier 2 - One to watch 2019.
The ISF Award, which represents a standard of excellence in the international financial community, has been awarded for the past 10 years. The winner is determined via vote by professional market participants, underscoring the prestigious value of the award. BCS is the first Russian broker-dealer to both receive an award in the category and in the history of the ISF Award.