About BCS America

BCS America operates under a mandate that offers Russian market access while focusing on unique opportunities within the Americas Region, with primary emphasis in the United States. Backed by the financial strength and reach of the BCS Financial Group, BCS America is fast growing and provide unparalleled service from a team averaging over 20 years’ experience in US and International financial markets.

Services Offered

US & Canada

  • NYSE Floor Access (MOO | MOC | Algos)
  • NASDAQ Membership
  • Clearing Pershing (BNY / Mellon)
  • Daily US Market Content & Commentary
  • Selected ADR Market Making
  • Tailored Trading Strategies including Pairs and ADR
  • NYSE Membership, FINRA Membership, SIPC Membership

Russian Access

  • Russian Equities, FX
  • Fixed Income Execution
  • Equity, Fixed Income, FX Research
  • ECM | DCM Opportunities
  • Daily Russian Market Content & Commentary