Sales & Trading


BCS is proud to consistently rank among one of the leaders in Russian blue chip equity trading. We offer 14 hour cash equity trading, using various sources of on-screen liquidity in local, DR, equity & currency futures in order to trade after the Moscow Exchange is closed and well into New York operating hours.

With BCS’ network of nearly 500 brokers, spread across 112 locations, we have access to a deep and broad inventory of assets that allows us to minimise execution slippage via an extensive crossing network, ensure securities lending and provide unique access to Russian small-to-mid cap stocks.

BCS offers a broad range of equity trading services including: — portfolio trading, pre-pay/pre-deliver FOP settlement, Real-time FX hedging, Full service sales trading for DMA clients, and FIX connectivity.

Turnover on MICEX

BCS Portfolio trading professionals utilize the firm’s large custody base and top notch repo capabilities in order to source stock. We offer the most reliant basket trading product.

As one of the largest prime brokers in Russia, BCS benefits from the a sizable crossing network for local stock. Our portfolio trading services comes with full sales trading & market coverage, trade analytics and liquidity reviews with FIX connectivity and low-latency real-time execution reporting.

Various products are on offer, such as MSCI rebalancing, bespoke baskets; auto-FX into USD, Futures hedging and full 2nd session Russian derivative & top bluechip stock coverage up to the US close. We can guarantee VWAP for top names; MOC prices, TWAP or target last print. The key for BCS is client efficiency and pricing.

Fixed Income

Best Execution Services

  • Direct Market Access to Global Fixed Income Markets
  • Low Latency
  • Multicurrency Accounts
  • Odd Lots trading
  • Narrow Spreads on OTC markets

Cbonds Awards

  • Best DCM research
  • Best sales team in the bond market
  • Best initial placement in the non-financial sector (as the lead manager of the GK Segezha issue, 001P-01R)
  • Best initial placement in telecom (as the lead manager of the issue by AFK Sistema, 001P-15)
  • Best primary market offering for developers (as the lead manager of the issue by PIK Corporation, 001P-03)
  • Best primary market offering in the high-yield segment (as the lead manager of the issue of G-Group, 001P-01)
  • Best structured finance deal (as the lead arranger of the issue of SFO MOS MSP 6, Class A)
  • Primary market offering with the highest demand from retail investors (as the lead manager of the MaximaTelecom issue, BO-P01)
  • Social Bond of the Year - SFO Social Development, Class A, B, M
  • Best Bonds Market Analytics, the 3rd place
  • Best Investment Bank – Arranger for Second and Third Tier Issuers, the 2nd place
  • Best Lead Manager of High-Yield Bond Issues, the 1st place
  • Best Corporate Bonds Primary Placement
  • Debut of the Year
  • Best analysis on the bond market
  • Best investment bank for working with the second and third tier issuers
  • Best high-yield deal
  • Second best arranger of high-yield deals