Structured Products

On the side of Structured Products and OTC Derivatives we provide a full-range services customized to any client’s needs. Our platform provides facilities suitable both for hedging and investment requirements of the counterparty.

We believe that our flexibility in product specifications is our greatest advantage. The list of readily-accessible solutions includes over 50 products, which may be further diversified in Hedging strategies: Hyphen market risk optimization.

We build our products over all sectors of the financial markets —currency, fixed-income, equity and commodities. We are ready to perform deals in various jurisdictions and based on multiple documentation styles including ISDA and RISDA.

Hedging strategies

We provide our corporate clients with facilities that allow market risk optimization. This includes simple protective option strategies as well as more sophisticated ones: the final solution will depend on our client’s risk tolerance and particular market forecast.

OTC option strategies

We have expertise in structuring different option-based solutions for various market participants who seek exposure to certain market risk on a particular market. Strategies may be of any complexity: including but not limited to barriers and exotic conditions and aimed to different investment purposes.
One special example of such trades are the option strategies for life-insurance companies, which are those included in life-insurance policy strategies. We have been pioneers in the sector and since 2013, BCS Financial Group has developed all the necessary business, legal, accounting and IT-knowledge for this business line which has helped us to gain a substantial market share in this sector.

Retail structured products platform

Our Team has an extensive expertise in construction of Structured Products line for BCS’ own retail business. Prospective partners (including commercial banks, brokerage houses and family offices) may benefit from our quickly implementable Structured Product platform solution and receive all the necessary consulting, accounting and staff training services.

Structured notes issuance

BCS Financial Group has its own EMTN (European medium-term notes) program established for issuance of structured notes as a globally recognized standard. We now specialize in equity- and credit-linked products for BCS retail clients (see our BCSFIN Corp page at Bloomberg). However, our platform is readily accessible for external clients’ needs; in other words, virtually any solution can be repacked in the form of EMTN.

Special situations structuring

We provide services for other special situations not extensively described above. If you’re experiencing a need for some extraordinary trade, but are not quite sure what particular trade you need, do not hesitate to contact via any means below (contact details below). We have different solutions both on the asset and the liability sides of the business and are keen to explore you specific situation and benefit of your business!