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A career with BCS Global Markets offers select individuals a chance to be part of an exciting team with one clear professional goal: Building the bank of tomorrow with a team spirit as cornerstone.
At BCS Global Markets, we respond to the needs of our clients by striving to provide them with high quality products and services that are relevant to local and foreign markets to ensure a global reach — our diverse range of business provides opportunities across three countries.
Our ability to deliver excellence begins with our employees — their continued success is fundamental to our core values and we support their ongoing development and leverage their skills to meet our clients’ evolving needs. The personal and professional characteristics that BCS value are straight forward — intelligence, self-motivation, pro-activity, innovation, well educated, high integrity, and — if not highly experienced — eager to learn.
Furthermore, our employees like to feel challenged, are team players, committed to serving our clients, make a positive impact to our business, and contribute to our continual growth. Strong social values are also vital to our business culture, and we are committed to providing our staff with the professional environment to help them excel.

In order to achieve this we commit to:

  • Treating our staff with respect and equality
  • Ensure our staff have the opportunity to reach their professional potential
  • Maximize our employees development to meet current and future business needs by meeting their professional requirements
  • Promote an atmosphere of openness and sincerity to our staff
  • Create a work environment that encourages and facilitates achievable business goals
  • Provide a corporate culture that supports initiative and innovation
  • Create a professional environment that holds teamwork are its core
  • Promotions based on qualifications and content-related achievements
  • Reward employees according to their skills and work effectiveness

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