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11 Jul 2022
FG BCS launched analytical coverage of shares on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange

BCS Global Markets (BCS GM, part of BCS Group) and BCS Investment World are expanding their research coverage to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange stocks as well as offering a more in-depth coverage of the Russian market and foreign financial instruments. Equally important is the move to provide high-quality professional overviews not only to institutional, but to all BCS Group’s retail clients as well.


The analysis of Hong Kong and Chinese firms with a primary listing on the Hong Kong Exchange (HKEX) will share insights into 12 publicly tradeable companies and an overall assessment of the prospects of the Asian stock market. The list of securities available for coverage is expected to grow going forward.


With this flagship product, BCS can now offer the Group's clients a glimpse into new investment opportunities for Russian private investors, explores the trends shaping the future of Asian stocks and delivers relevant investment ideas.


The debut release features the Group's expert opinion on both the broad market and industry-specific indicators, presenting trends, P/E and dividend yields vs China’s mainland indices, and assessing sector composition of the Hang Seng index, a key benchmark for the Hong Kong market.


The initial list of eligible firms includes tech giants, consumer companies and developers, investment holdings and healthcare firms, namely Alibaba Group, CK Asset Holdings, CK Hutchinson Holdings, Country Garden Holdings,, Meituan, Sands China, Sino Biopharmaceutical, Sunny Optical Technology, Tencent Holdings, WH Group, and Xiaomi. BCS’ desk analysts put each stock under the microscope and came up with forecasts for further price movements.


Top quality research is a vital competitive advantage for BCS Global Markets and BCS Investment World. BCS Global Markets’ research department has been widely touted as one of the most professional teams in the Russian financial market. BCS Global Markets has been a winner of Russian and international awards such as Institutional Investor Survey and Cbonds Awards.


“Under the current situation, investors are more than ever in need of high-quality research on various asset classes to effectively manage their wealth. That is why research teams of BCS World of Investments and BCS GM have joined their efforts and plan to cover new asset classes in the Russian and foreign markets down the road,” said Kirill Chuiko, Head of Research at BCS Global Markets.


“Access to stock trading on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange is major news for Russian investors. They can now buy shares of major Chinese companies to diversify their portfolios. However, the Chinese market is a closed book to private investors, so they need top-notch and rigorous analytical support to become successful. That is why we have launched stock coverage for HKEX. Our deep market expertise and a multi-year track record in following Asian markets will help the Group's clients to organically diversify their portfolios with Asian stocks, increasing their return on investment,” Mr. Chuiko added.