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16 Aug 2019
BCS Global Markets ranks among Top 10 in terms of bond placement volume

Cbonds analysts ranked companies by the volume of bond placements in 1H19. The ranking includes the following indicators:

- Volume of placement as an arranger or an underwriter;
- Number of issues placed;
- Number of issuers placed.

The total volume for each ranking participant is the total of participation of the company in all bond issues.
In 1H19, BCS Global Markets held 15 issues and placed bonds of 12 issuers in the amount of Rb 30, 584 million, ranking 9th with a market share of 2.98%.

Rustem Kafiatullin, director for work with issuers, Debt Capital Markets, BCS Global Markets: BCS Global Markets focuses on companies first entering the equity market. We consistently conduct preliminary work with the issuers to bring them to the public market – the companies report according to IFRS reporting and are independently rated by the rating agencies. We see business opportunities in this, and we expect several more transactions this year.

A full list of rankings: