Media Room
03 Jul 2018
BCS Global Markets appoints Marina Atavadzhieva as CRO

BCS Global Markets today announces the appointment of Marina Atavadzhieva as Chief Risk Officer (CRO). Atavadzhieva, who was most recently the CRO of Sberbank Asset Management and Deputy CRO of Sberbank Wealth Management, will report to BCS CEO and Chairman Roman Lokhov.

A graduate of the faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics at the Lomonosov Moscow State University, she has over 17 years’ experience in risk management across several companies including Renaissance, Nikoil and Rosbank/MFK Bank. Notably, Marina played a key role in the development of risk management strategy for Aton Group, whilst employed as CRO of Aton LLC.

She is the Co-chairman of the NAUFOR Risk Committee and member of the Significant Market Deviation and Anti-manipulation Committee of the Central Bank of Russia.

Roman Lokhov, CEO and Chairman of BCS Global Markets commented: We are delighted to welcome Marina to our team. Risk Management is a crucial part of our business, particularly in the current market landscape. We are committed to building a culture of continuous risk management throughout the company across all levels so that every employee can understand and identify potential risk and play a role in the process of eliminating risk. With Marina’s background of building and leading risk management offerings at a range of businesses, we have no doubt she will be a fundamental and knowledgeable part of our team.

BCS Global Markets team wishes Marina success in her new role!