Media Room
25 May 2018
BCS Global Markets holds a ceremonial reception in the Shuvalov Palace

St.Petersburg’s Fabergé Museum and Investment Bank BCS Global Markets (Financial Group BCS) organized a ceremonial reception for partners, clients and business leaders on the first day of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

A magnificent program was prepared for the gala party participants in the historic interiors of the Shuvalov Palace. It included a performance by the famous St. Petersburg Eifman Ballet ensemble and a solo concert of Valeriy Syutkin, an Honored Artist of Russia.

The dancers presented pieces from legendary performances causing admiration in the public of major global cultural centers, such as “Eugene Onegin", “Anna Karenina", “Rodin, Her Eternal Idol", "Requiem", and others.

After the meeting with Boris Eifman , one of the leading choreographers in the world, the guests listened to Russian rock-n-roll icon Valery Syutkin, the famous lead singer of the band "Bravo”. His performance combined rock-n-roll, blues, jazz and rockabilly. He performed in the courtyard of the Fabergé Museum.

“The St. Petersburg International Economic Forum is amazingly multifaceted,” said Oleg Mikhasenko, President of Financial Group BCS. “The Forum has not only become a major international platform for discussion of global economic and political challenges but also known for its varied cultural program and social events such as the ceremonial reception of BCS Global Markets in Fabergé Museum. We believe this makes the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum a truly unique event.”

“The ceremonial reception held in the Shuvalov Palace has become a popular annual tradition. Each year, we try to provide an outstanding program for our guests and based on the fact that the number of attendees surpassed all our expectations this year, we feel we are succeeding in doing so.” added Roman Lokhov, Chief Executive Director, BCS Global Markets.

“We highly appreciate our friendship with Investment Bank BCS Global Markets, and we are happy that together we can hold such wonderful evenings for the Economic Forum participants each year,” said Vladimir Voronchenko, Director of Fabergé Museum, addressing the guests.

Fabergé Museum in St. Petersburg opened in 2013 and became the first private museum of federal importance in modern Russia. The founder of the museum is The Link of Times Foundation established in 2004 by a Russian entrepreneur Viktor Vekselberg with the mission to repatriate items of cultural significance to Russia. The core of the exhibition is a collection of works by the Fabergé firm, which is without a doubt the best in the world in terms of its size, diversity, and the quality of the art objects. The museum is based in the Shuvalov palace, one of the most beautiful palaces in St. Petersburg.

BCS Global Markets is a private independent investment bank in Russia belonging to Financial Group BCS and providing brokerage services in the capital markets, prime brokerage and investment banking services for institutional, corporate and private investors; the largest broker executing transactions with securities on Moscow Exchange. The share of the company is 25% of turnover in all asset classes.