Media Room
28 May 2019
BCS Global Markets extends analytical coverage to Kazakhstan to open up new investment opportunities for institutional clients

BCS Global Markets the investment banking division of the largest independent securities broker on the Russian exchange BCS Financial Group has been diversifying its analytical coverage across Central Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States to open new investment opportunities for its institutional investor base.

The latest region to be added is Kazakhstan and BCS GM’s team of analysts have produced a report examining the potential of KAZ Minerals - Kazakhstan’s copper and polymetallic miner, which produces 66% of the country’s copper. Findings from BCS’ award-winning analyst team outline a positive outlook for the company, as well as a gradual rise in profitability. This is due to stable copper prices, ramp up of new assets and attractive valuations, which outweigh potential risks, such as corporate governance in Kazakhstan which is expected to be mitigated by new government initiatives.

Oleg Petropavlovskiy, Senior Analyst at BCS Global Markets commented: The expansion of the analytical research product to other markets such as Kazakhstan and CIS more broadly means our institutional clients’ demands for a broader analytical scope is met. We are pleased to give KAZ Minerals a Buy recommendation. We believe it is undervalued and there is a positive growth story for investors.