Media Room
18 Feb 2019
BCS Global Markets launches ’Outside the Box’

BCS Global Markets is pleased to announce that it has entered into a partnership with leading Russian analysts, Evgeny Gavrilenkov and Alexander Kudrin, founders of GKEM

ANALYTICA, which specializes in economics and financial markets. The partnership is a strategic move to continue to strengthen our analytical coverage.

The BCS GM-GKEM ANALYTICA partnership debuts within the launch of ‘Outside the Box’ – a new Quarterly report for institutional investors who have an appetite for an alternative view on economics, sectors and financial markets, with emphasis on Russia.

Kirill Chuiko, head of the Analytical Department, BCS Global Markets: Cooperation within which clients of BCS Global Markets will get access to the exclusive ‘Outside the Box’ product is interesting for us, first of all, due to the growing client demand for high-quality analytics. Outside the Box will reinforce our product portfolio and will satisfy clients’ needs more fully.

Evgeny Gavrilenkov: Analysis of development of the Russian economy is an important element in investment decision-making, so I believe that financial market participants will benefit from the joint product of BCS Global Markets and GKEM Analytical.

Alexander Kudrin: Due to MIFID2 regulation, foreign institutional investors began to impose stricter requirements on analytical products. Taking into account the long-term work experience of the authors of Outside the Box reviews, I am confident that they will meet the highest requirements.


Evgeny Gavrilenkov 
Professor, Higher School of Economics. Former managing director, chief economist, Sberbank CIB. Candidate of Technical Sciences, Doctor of Economics. Institutional Investor ranked him among one of Russia’s best analysists in the Economics category on numerous occasions. He ranked first nine times, and he was the leader of the ranking for eight consecutive years. In 2011, Institutional Investor ranked him first among the EEMEA region analysists in the Economics category. He was recognized as one of the most influential Russian market analysis on numerous occasions, and Extel Survey Rating ranked him first in the Economics and Macroeconomics category.

Alexander Kudrin
In 2002 – 2018, he worked in Sberbank CIB. For seven years, he was the head of the debt securities market research department, in November 2014 – May 2018, he was the head of Sberbank Investment Research. The team of analysts he managed was ranked best in Russia by Institutional Investor (in 2015 and 2016) and Extel (in 2016 and 2017). Alexander was recognized as Russia’s best analyst in 2017. Besides, he is one of the three analysts in the market who were among the Top 4 analysis by Institutional Investor during the history of All-Russia Surveys (for more than 10 consecutive years), and he ranked first in 2011 and 2015. According to Extel, he was the best Russia’s debt analyst in 2013.