High Frequency Trading

Exchange technology

MICEX and RTS operated as separate exchanges until a couple of years ago when they merged; from a technology perspective, they still operate as two separate platforms.

The MICEX platform, launched in 1994, is based on a redeveloped OMX platform — this is where equities and FX markets trade. The RTS platform, originally developed in-house, is where the derivatives market resides, having just launched a new faster transactional binary protocol called TWIME.

Although based on completely different technology, both have two options for «native» (exchange controlled) interfaces: API (Linux or Windows interface); FIX trading/FAST data.

Following recent upgrades on both platforms, the internal latency of each matching engine is around 500 microseconds. The MICEX (equity and FX) and the RTS/FORTS (derivatives) matching engines are based on the M1 datacentre in Moscow. BCS offers its clients’ assistance with setting -up co-location facilities at M1. The exchange also operates PoP in London at LD4, Frankfurt, Chicago and NYC.

BCS’ IT boutique offers its clients high-end solutions

  • Infrastructure optimized for stability, high throughput and low latency
  • State of the Art equipment
  • Redundancy
  • Flexibility
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery

Hosting Solutions

Co-location: BCS currently offers its clients to co-locate at Moscow Exchange, LSE, Equinix London LD4 and Equinix Frankfurt FRA2

Proximity: BCS provides proximity hosting in InterXion LON1, Equinix London LD4 and Moscow M1 data centers

Connectivity Solutions

BCS is a state-registered provider for connectivity services Clients have access to unique ultra-low latency solutions between Moscow, London and Frankfurt

IT Equipment Solutions

  • Equipment leasing
  • Virtual servers
  • Smart hands
  • Emergency support

IT Consulting Services

Exchange Connectivity
Market Data
Hardware consultation/ purchase/import