Post Trade & Support

Settlement & Reporting

DVP and FOP settlement modes supported with pre–delivery/pre-payment as required

Custody & settlement agent services

Brokerage reports are produced on a T+1 basis and trade reports same day

These can be in .csv or .xlsx format.These can be e-mail and/or placed on (S)FTP servers.Samples are available upon request.


  • In addition to the sales team in London office, you will have a dedicated account manager in Moscow to deal with all statement/admin queries;
  • There will be access to a trading desk and IT support throughout all market hours;
  • The helpdesk is available during markets hours (9.30am — 12.00pm) to handle any issues/queries;
  • BCS has a dedicated network team and M1 liaison team in Moscow. BCS’ technology team has a strong relationship with those within M1/Co-lo and can assist with any queries and access requests.

Exchange Interaction

BCS has representation on all Exchange working committees andcore relationships with Central Bank of Russia.

Given our market share is now 25%+ on all sections of MOEX (equity, FX and derivatives), we are highly visible to both entities and in regular dialogue.