Personal Investment Bank

Personal Investment Bank

Low risk level

  • Russian bonds (OFZ and Corporate)
  • Eurobonds and US Treasury bonds
  • Individual quotes for key currency pairs in any volume
  • Structured notes with capital protection

High risk level

  • Futures and options on Russian shares, currency and equity indices
  • FORTS non-deliverable commodity futures
  • A large number of 'off-the-shelf' proprietary structured notes
  • Customized structured notes equivalent to USD 1 million and more

Medium risk level

  • Shares of Russian companies
  • Shares of foreign companies (traded on LSE and NYSE)
  • Depository receipts representing shares of Russian companies (traded on LSE and NYSE)
  • Russian depositary receipts representing shares of foreign companies

Banking Products

Many financial issues are easier to address when liquidity placement and borrowing products are available. We offer individual rates for both placements and borrowings to our clients, help them choose comfortable maturity and discount terms, advise them on optimal ways to solve tasks.

Placing liquidity

  • Bonds and eurobonds: the yield is higher than that
    of a bank deposit
  • Repo: cash placement for any comfortable period
  • High deposit rates
  • Structured notes: a high capital allocation yield
  • Largest private investors receive priority allocation during primary placements of shares and bonds in which BCS GM acts as placement agent

Attracting liquidity

  • Margin lending (leverage) to encourage growing investment in securities. We also provide the opportunity to hold short positions (shorts in securities)
  • A pledge product can be placed for the required period by means of a repo transaction to receive funds for personal needs
  • Funding liquidity for various business needs against a pledge of immovable property or floating capital via BCS Bank

Trading Ideas and Analytics

Trade ideas mean trade recommendations for the purchase and sale of shares. They may have a short-term nature. Trade ideas provide investment returns of no less than 10% (according to BCS GM analytics). Ideas are implemented in net long position or pairs recommendations, which result in the hedging of industry and market risks. The closing of trading idea is published after the target return has been achieved, in order to provide investors with the opportunity to lock in profits in a timely manner.

Amongst other materials, BCS GM’s Research Department publishes the Best Picks on a monthly basis. The Best Picks is a digest of active trade ideas with recommendations to open long or short positions and pairs ideas.

BCS GM’s analysts also publish the Dividend Strategy which includes best ideas aimed at maximizing income by investing in high dividend securities.

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