Family Offices and Private Investment Vehicles

Our full service Family Offices and Private Investment Vehicles offer a single market entry point and provides a comprehensive suite of products and services across all asset classes and markets.

The types of clients that we serve are:

  • Family Offices
  • Private Investment Vehicles

Solutions and Infrastructure platforms:

At BCS Global Markets, our clients have access to market leading trading, financing, leveraging, structuring, securities administration and custody platforms and solutions.

Dedicated services:

BCS Global Markets offer clients unique solutions, specifically tailored to meet their needs, with dedicated account managers on hand around the clock.

Financing your needs:

Whatever your financing needs, our breadth of structured financing solutions across liquid asset financing, equity stake financing and less liquid asset can be tailored to each unique requirement.

Transaction Banking Services:

At BCS Global Markets, we pride ourselves on providing clients with a comprehensive range of products, from basic currency accounts to FX and FX forwards.

Contact details:

For more information, contact [email protected]