About BCS Prime Brokerage Ltd (UK)

BCS Prime Brokerage Limited is a company authorised and regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority for the provision of investment banking services to professional investors.

  • Advising on investments (except on Pension Transfers and Pension Opt Outs)
  • Arranging (bringing about) deals in investments
  • Arranging safeguarding and administration of assets
  • Dealing in investments as agent
  • Dealing in investments as principal
  • Making arrangements with a view to transactions in investments
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Financial Statements

BCS Group has approximately $3.6bn of Total Assets and $528mln of Total shareholders’ equity. It has been profitable every year since incorporation returning a net profit of $91m in 2017. BCS Group has been assigned a notional ‘b’ Group credit profile by Standard and Poor’s with FG BCS Ltd being rated B-/Stable/B and BrokerCreditService (Cyprus) Ltd as well as BCS Prime Brokerage Limited — B+/Stable/B respectively.

Credit Ratings

«Among the factors determining the reliability rating of the Company are capital adequacy, stable operating margin and growth of operations and client base. Over the last year BCS hired a number of highly professional managers who are able to facilitate business development of the company, expand its market positions in new business segments. The Company is characterized by conservative approach to risks, which has helped it to get through the latest financial crisis. At the moment BCS business is sustainable despite increased global markets volatility» — comments Maxim Vasin, Senior NRA Analyst [National Ratings Agency of Russia].

Terms of business

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Top 5 execution venues

Top 5 execution venues

BCS Prime Brokerage Limited is authorised and regulated
by the UK Financial Conduct Authority

BCS Prime Brokerage Ltd

The senior management and the trading team of BCS Prime Brokerage Ltd bring together many years of experience in the global financial services industry and a depth of knowledge and experience that enables the use of latest technology to provide a quality service to a global client base.



Roman Lokhov

CEO Global Markets, Non-Executive Chairman


Alex Romer-Lee

Independent Non-Executive Director


Edward Golosov

Non Executive Director


Gordon McCulloch

Independent Non-Executive Director


Tim Bevan

CEO, BCS Prime Brokerage Limited


Wendy Langridge

Chief Regulatory officer, Executive Director


Nikita Ponomarev

Non-Executive Director

Top Management


Luis Saenz

Co-Head of Global Equities


Christian von Gradowski

MD, Head of Securities Finance


Paul Fleming

MD, Head of Synthetic Prime


Evgeny Kunts

MD, Head of Transaction Banking Services